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Horse Slaughter

Horse Slaughter

Horses are eaten because people prize their meat. Horses are not traditional food animals and given drugs that makes their meat toxic for humans to eat. Slaughter is a brutal, terrifying death ― and a gross betrayal.

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Horse Racing

Pine Island with her shattered forelog, minutes before she is euthanized.

Racehorses in America are the victims of a multi-billion dollar industry that is rife with irresponsible breeding, doping, injuries, breakdowns and death. Yet the industry refuses to change.Racing is a bad bet for American horses.

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Premarin Horses

Premarin Foals in Slaughter Feedlot

Large mares — prized for the size of their bladders yet not too large to slaughter — are kept in narrow stalls throughout successive pregnancies and "milked" for their estrogen rich urine to make HRT drugs. Many by-product foals end up in slaughter auctions.

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Wild Horses & Burros

Wild Horses in Federal Government Pen

The US 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act set aside public lands for the protection of Mustangs and Burros.  Since then population levels have been decimated through aggressive and unnecessary roundups conducted by the federal government.

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Horse Tripping

Horse Tripping

Horse tripping is a series of rodeo events that originated in Mexico and brought to the US. They involve a charro lassoing the front or back legs of a galloping horse and tripping her, either from horseback or the ground.

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Horse Fighting

Fighting Horses

Horse fighting, or horse-to-horse combat, is a barbaric spectator sport where two stallions fight each other in a controlled environment. Horse fighting takes place in China, the Phillipines, Indonesia and S. Korea.

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Horse Soring

Horse Soring

Soring is a painful practice used to accentuate a horse's high-stepping gait in competitions, i.e. the "Big Lick". This is accomplished by irritating the forelegs through the injection or application of chemicals and use of mechanical devices.

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Carriage Horses

Carriage Horse

A congested city full of noise and heavy traffic is no place for a horse to work drawing carriages full of tourists in all temperatures, standing for long shifts and living in cramped stalls. Horses have spooked, overturned carriages, and fatally injured.

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